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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

What does Responsive Web Design mean?

As you can see in the picture, you can view our website using different devices without having a problem with the screen size. When you access our website, our "secret robot" (or really a technical script) will "magically" recognize your device and guide you to the design that is suitable to your device screen size. This will help you enjoy visiting our website without having a problem of zooming in or out to get a better view of content or images. So the basic idea of responsive web design is to allow your website to be adaptive to different screen sizes. But that's not all, it is not only about adapting the design and view, there is also a great deal of technical and interaction issues that we take care of in order to give you the same pleasure and experience of interacting with websites.

2014: The year mobile web usage overtakes the desktop

How can Responsive Web Design help your business?

With increasing use of mobile web usage, websites have to be capable of targeting different screen sizes. There is a concern that mobile web usage will overtake the desktop. That does not mean that we ignore the desktop web usage and only focus on mobile. We need to be able to cover both usages in order to maintain both users. This way you can widen your range of users and target more clients (in business terms).

2014: The year mobile web usage overtakes the desktop.*

What is UNIQUE in our services?

  • We do Responsive Web Design because it makes websites viewable and usable with different devices (Desktops, iPhones, iPad, BlackBerry, Samsung, etc) which means your customers will have easy access to your website using their favorite device.
  • We use HTML5 with CSS3 because it makes websites more flexible in terms of design and content which means more customers can access your website.
  • We take care about your requirements because it is important to provide you with what you want which means you will have a successful website that produces great results for your business.
  • We provide money back guarantee because we care about our clients which means you never have to worry when working with us.

Types of Websites

  • Basic websites: we create basic introductory websites that include general information about your business such as your services/products and contact information.
  • Advanced websites: those websites that require web programming and development such as user accounts, databases and web applications.

Supporting Services

  • Domain name registration.
  • Hosting.
  • Consultancy: provide an evaluation and usability test to improve websites.
  • Corporate identity: logo design, print media and stationary such as business cards.
  • Online marketing: create online marketing campaigns using Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Adword and emails.
  • Maintenance: managing website content and technical support for websites to ensure continuous functioning.